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This documentation is work in progress and gets continuously improved.
Is this tool free?
Yes, absolutely. Created by Project Managers for fellas Project Managers in attempt to share a quick and easy tool for better projects/programs navigation.

What is thisi tool?
This simple tool is designed to systemize projects prioritization approach. It helps product/project/program/portfolio managers to understand why we execute projects in terms of their importance for your Organization from the strategic point of view. Projects prioritization is the essential element of the Portfolio Management.

Why should we use this tool instead of intuitively identifying important projects for my Organization?
This tool utilizes the matrix approach when a qualitative analysis is conducted against each project. Results of such analysis are presented in the way of a numeric scores defining importance of all projects. This approach prevents common mistakes associated with the “intuitive” approach when wrong projects are prioritized for execution, given resources and spent efforts on. Such situation could result in actual losses and lost opportunities for Companies.

How does it work?
The prioritizing process is pretty simple and consists of 4 steps:

1.ProjectsList down your projects.
2.FactorsIdentify project factors applicable to your Organization and their weights.
3.EvaluationConduct evaluation of projects against each factor.
4.ResultsReview the scores and see if they reflect the real projects importance.

How often do we need to use this tool?
It can be used as often as needed. Team administrators can set the most suitable schedule for your Team's prioritizations sessions when every member needs to provide inputs for scoring. All members will be reminded to participate via emails:

What kind of users types are supported?
From the permissions perspective, at the moment there are two users types defined in the system:

  • Administrators. This type of users can access to full set of controls - they can create projects, define factors, create users, change user types, provide scores and assign projects to specific users for prioritization.

  • Product Managers. These users have limited access - they can only score and review scores of specific projects which are assigned to them by the Administrators.

This tool is still a work in progress. Some of the additional features are still yet to come:

  1. Additional languages support.
  2. API integration with popular PM tools such as Jira/Confluence, Teamwork.
  3. Responsive design for mobile devices.
If your Teams found a bug or needs a specific feature, shoot RANKU an email: [email protected]

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